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Devised in 1994 by Victoria Wong Tsae Ling with 35 years’ experience as an English teacher, The Victorian Readers program is based on an innovative phonetic system with graded reading materials and books. This specialised method incorporates lessons in sentence structures and advances to comprehensive reading. The Victoria Readers program has benefitted children from Indonesia to South Africa, teaching readers the way reading should be.


  • Level 1 - Child learns to read three-letter words with a vowel in the medial position and simple sentence structures.
  • Level 2 - Child learns to combine a vowel with consonant blends and simple sentence structures.
  • Level 3 - Child learns to read digraph, new sentence structures and simple comprehension passages.
  • ​Level 4 - Child learns to read diphthongs and new sentence structures. A child reads short stories to expand his/her vocabulary.

​What is unique about The Victoria Reader?

  1. The programme teaches a child to read and spell in the shortest time.
  2. The programme is so simple and systematic that a precocious 4-year-old can be taught to read independently.
  3. At the end of the programme, our children are normally 2 years ahead of their peers in reading fluency and comprehension.

The Victoria Readers English Program