Firefly Ria Utama School


Going to school is an important step for your child. The main reason children attend school is to gain the skills and education needed to live autonomously and successfully. The skills your young learners acquired will be built upon throughout their life journey. In Ria Utama School, your child will be nurtured by our team of highly motivated and experienced educators. We strive to provide a fun and engaging educational environment that will guide our students’ learning journey. Our way of learning-through-play is a carefully planned curriculum that invites young children to explore, question, investigate and collaborate.

Through our thematic approach, we stimulate the endless creativity and curiosity minds of each child, putting them in a great position to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally. Most importantly, we make sure that our kids are engaged and having fun in their learning journey!

Our Schools

The mission of Ria Utama School is to provide a cheerful and supportive environment that will guide and nurture our children as they grow up. Learning through play requires a carefully prepared environment that invites your child to explore, examine, question, predict, test, make mistakes and most of all, learn from them. Through play, learning is an in-depth, concrete and long term process. Our educational program includes: thematic approaches (in English, Chinese and Malay), outdoor education, Victoria Readers English Program, Musical gym and role play that offer young children the golden opportunity to put ideas into practice. Children will not only master the information they have learned, their communication skills and self-confidence will also improve, providing long-term educational and social benefits.

Our Mission