Firefly Ria Utama School


Our toddler playgroup aims to ease your child into being more comfortable in their new surroundings while encouraging them to be more curious about the world.

We strive to provide a constructive environment for your child to develop their verbal, social and motor skills through role-playing and other creative activities in our weekly theme. Read more...

       (12/02)Happy New Year - 舍小家为大家,在

                      哪儿都是家 Apart But Together)

(21/09)Happy Mid Auturm Festival - 情满中秋.   花好月圆. 阖家幸福!               


Our learning centre offers tailored tuition programs and after school care for your young learners. Led by our team of highly motivated and experienced teachers, PJRU has produced a plethora of high achievers both in the National and International arena.

We believe that children need to be equipped with life skills to be successful in our society. Thus, we run various events and activities to build on their practical life skills. Read more...

In Tadika and Taska Ria Utama Anggun, we strive to distinguish ourselves from others by the quality of teaching staffs, programs and policies, but most importantly through our innovative play-based approach towards learning.

Strongly believing in the value of learning through play, we have carefully constructed our curriculum and environment to stimulate your child’s endless creativity and curiosity. Read more...

The Mission of Tadika Ria Utama is to provide a fun and engaging educational environment that guides children through their learning journey. Our innovative way of Learning-through-Play is a carefully planned curriculum that invites young children to explore, question, investigate and collaborate.​

Our educational program includes: Thematic Approach, Outdoor Learning, Victoria Readers English Programme. Read more...